Can You Afford Not to Buy Custom Furniture?

The Office of National Statistics have released figures for the average cost of a square meter of residential property. As you would expect it varies dependent upon area from £777 in West Wales to a whopping £19,439 in Kensington and Chelsea with a national average of £2,395. So, how much is the floor your furniture sits on costing you? Remember you need to think about the space that surrounds it too. A King Size bed with room to walk around three sides comes in at £14,945. A six-seater dining table with room for the chairs, £15,089. A desk and chair? That will be £6,035 and we have not even started to think about the cost of borrowing the money to buy that bit of floor. So, when your furniture does not fit the space it isn’t just a waste of space it’s a waste of money.

There is a gap to the right of my desk that I have just measured. It isn’t huge but I have just calculated that it will cost me £936 to buy that bit of wasted space. If I had made my desktop, I would have charged myself precisely £0 to extend the desktop by that much. All the furniture I make is completely customisable and whilst some modifications will cost a little extra, I can pretty much guarantee that at no point will I ever charge an extra £777 let alone £19,000 for an extra square meter of it. What is more, if you move house or just move your furniture, there is a very good chance I can modify it to fully optimise its new location for much less than the cost of a new item. Contact us to discuss how we can help you save some money.

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