We’re going #Socent

Colwill and Co has always had a green purpose. We have always wanted to make sure that we used materials that are recycled and recyclable or which cause the least environmental impact in their production. And it has never really been about the money, nobody who is a maker really is, otherwise they would do something else. It has been about making furniture that is stylish, practical, respects the environment and offers great value. So most of our products are made using reclaimed wood or wood that has been felled for non-commercial purposes. We were not exactly a Social Enterprise but we were trying to be jolly good types nonetheless.

We have taken this a step further now and become a Social Enterprise. This means that as a company we commit to a primary purpose other than making money. Ours is to increase the tree population of the UK. We are trying to achieve this by making furniture from reclaimed and urban timber to reduce the demand for commercially grown timber and by committing to spend the majority of our profits on tree planting and reforestation. To make sure that we are walking the walk and not just talking the talk, this purpose is embedded in our company’s rules along with a suite of commitments to do business fairly and consider our impact and society at least as much as the bottom line. We are hugely proud that these commitments have been recognised by Social Enterprise UK who have validated these commitments as part of our membership application.

You can read much more about why we have chosen to become a social enterprise and how we intend to achieve our primary purpose in the about us section of the website.

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