Save the Planet for Only 1.5p a Day

Adverts for new cars these days often tell us we can have one for just a few pounds a week.  They play down the fact that you need to put down a deposit of several thousand pounds and that you do not ever own the car. But still, you can ‘have’ a new Land Crusher, Avenger for only £20 a week. That got me thinking.

Core to C&C’s approach to sustainability is the idea that we should make furniture that lasts.  If we do this, you do not need to regularly replace it and use more of the world’s resources in doing so.  Lets take a typical customer aged 25 when they buy one of our Lomond Bedframes.  They go for a King Size to share with their lovely partner and enjoy it until they reach their full three score and ten.  That bed cost our customer less than 3p per nights sleep and of course, our customers would not want one partner to take all the financial burden so its more like less than 1.5p each per night. Now come on, less than 1.5p per night to save the planet and own a piece of hand made furniture, that’s not bad.

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