Custom Furniture that Doesn’t Cost the Earth

Colwill and Co is a Social Enterprise. That means that our company is set-up with something other than making money as its prime objective.

In our case we are all about creating and saving trees. We do this in a number of ways.

  1. We use a lot of reclaimed wood. Scaffold boards, builders waste, old furniture you name it.
  2. We harvest and process what we call urban timber. This is wood from trees that have not been grown for timber production and would otherwise go to waste or at best become firewood. This way we reduce the demand for forest wood and we hope, help people to see the value in all trees.
  3. We use at least half our profits for tree planting and reforestation.

Of course we also do our best to ensure our business is sustainable in loads of other ways from the way we design our products, through the way we source our energy to the fuels that we use.

Oh, and we make custom furniture. Because we think that if our customers get exactly what they want and need they will keep it longer.

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