If not frequently then either anticipated or we just think the answer is interesting.

Where are you?

We are based in Loudwater, just outside High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. The Postcode is HP10 9RH.

Can you deliver?

Of course. For non-furniture items we charge a flat rate however many items you purchase. Furniture delivery is priced per item For multiple items to a single address you will only pay for the highest priced item. Our standard rates are based upon UK mainland delivery and exclude some more remote areas. If you are lucky enough to live in one of these please let us know and we will get a quote for you.

Our courier feels the following places are ‘remote’

  • PO30-PO41     Isle Of Wight
  • All IM Postcodes     Isle Of Man
  • All JE Postcodes     Jersey
  • All GY Postcodes     Guernsey
  • All BT Postcodes     Northern Ireland
  • All ZE Postcodes     Offshore Island
  • All HS Postcodes     Offshore Island
  • PA20, PA31, PA35, PA41 +   Offshore Island
  • KA27     Offshore Island
  • TR21-25     Isle of Scilly
  • All KW Postcodes      Highlands and Offshore Islands
  • All IV Postcodes     Highlands
  • All AB Postcodes (Except AB21-25)  Grampian
  • All DD Postcodes (Except DD1)   Tayside
  • KY13     Tayside
  • All PH Postcodes (Except PH1&PH2)  Tayside, Grampian, Offshore Islands
  • All DG Postcodes     Dumfries & Galloway
  • All TD Postcodes (Except TD15)   Border Counties
  • EH38,43,44,45,46     Border Counties

Our delivery charges are based upon weekday deliveries. They should arrive with you between 08:00 and 18:00 on the agreed day. They are delivered to your door and do require a signature. Please bear in mind some of our items are pretty heavy and ensure you can move them inside safely. We can provide weights and sizes for individual packages if required. Weekend deliveries or deliveries prior to a given time can be arranged but will attract a surcharge. Contact us if you would like a quote.

Can I collect?

Absolutely. Drop us an e-mail and we will be in touch to arrange a mutually convenient time and date. If you purchase through the normal checkout we will refund you as soon as we receive your e-mail and contact you to arrange collection.

What is the lead time for Made to Order items?

We aim to ensure that orders are fulfilled within 10 working days of receiving payment and finalising any design information with you but we normally beat this substantially. If you have a particular deadline let us know and if we can, we will commit to it before you place your order.

How long does it take to receive off the shelf items?

We aim to dispatch orders within 48 hours of receiving your order. Our courier quotes three to five days for delivery for smaller items. We will let you know when orders are dispatched and send you tracking info.

Will my item look exactly like the one on the website?

In short, no. We use materials that have a naturally occurring form or are recycled. They are inherently unique so there are likely to be colour and shape variations. If there is something particular about the one in the photo that you love, let me know and I can try to ensure that the one we send is similar.

Because your item is made individually we learn through doing, so designs do evolve as we find better ways of doing things and there may be small differences in the design or materials used but these are always changes that we believe make for a better product.

How Easy is Your Furniture to Assemble?

Pretty easy. I try to keep things as simple for you as possible. Most of our beds, for example, take less then ten minutes to put together. We keep all our assembly instructions on-line so you can check them out before you buy.

Can you undertake Contract Work?

Yes. We are happy to take on larger orders for multiple items and for the fit out of offices, retail premises, etc.  We carry full product and public liability insurance.

Will I get creepy crawlies and mushrooms coming out of untreated wood?

It is always going to be harder to treat wood that has not been through the usual sawmill process but we ensure that our ‘found’ wood is either heat treated or chemically treated to prevent this from happening.

How big are standard size beds?

The bed industry is very odd. It does not seem to want to settle on a standard size for mattresses. We work to dimensions provided by UK mattress manufacturers and sellers as follows.

Size Width length
Single 900 1900
Double 1350 1900
King 1500 2000
Super King 1800 2000

All sizes are in mm

The problem is that not every mattress manufacturer work to these standards or publish their exact sizes. Some work to imperial even when their literature says otherwise and make a Super King 6′ wide which is 29mm wider than the standard. Not always the end of the world but not great.

We think the best bet is to build to these sizes as standard but let you have the option of varying it so that it matches up exactly. So if you are buying a new mattress and bed we suggest that if you can possibly find the space, you buy the new mattress, measure it and let us know the size and we will build the bed to suit. The big manufacturers just build the bed to the larger size and if the mattress is a bit smaller it will just slop about or have a bit of a gap round it but we think you deserve better than that.

Oh and just to confuse things, European sizes (including those from a famous meatball selling furniture store in the UK) and American are different again.

In conclusion, please make sure you know your mattress size before confirming with us and remember, we don’t charge any extra for having a bed made to exactly the size you need.

Are you sure it’s made of [insert name of tree here]?

In a word, no. Well not always. Because we like to use a lot of found and reclaimed wood we cannot always be absolutely sure it is from a particular species. However, we do have an awful lot of experience in identifying wood, either green or seasoned, by its appearance and often by the way it behaves when you try to make something out of it. The greatest uncertainty is with reclaimed softwoods. Unless you are a complete wood geek or work for the FBI it is almost impossible to identify a species with any real certainty so we make our best guess. If it is a hardwood we can generally be quite a bit more certain. if we really are not fairly confident we will say so.

If this all seems a bit vague have a look here. Even the experts acknowledge that they do not really know.

Finally of course, if we use virgin timber (other than yours) it will either be FSC approved. so we know what it is and that it was sourced from a sustainably managed forest or a tree that we know the history of, either because we have milled it or we know the person that did. Always, no ifs, no buts.

Do you accept returns?

We will accept the return of any item that is damaged or faulty upon receipt. Just notify us within seven days of receipt. We will pay for the return postage and provide a replacement or refund of the purchase price and postage.

We will accept the return of any stock item within fourteen days for any reason provided it is returned to us in saleable condition. Under these circumstance we refund the purchase price but not the postage.

We cannot accept returns on items that are made to order or custom made unless they are faulty so it is important that you satisfy yourself that you have ordered the correct item and provided us with the correct specification.

If you use recycled materials, why isn’t your stuff cheaper?

Unfortunately recycled and reclaimed materials do not always result in a cheaper product except in one important way (I’ll come back to it). Firstly, they still cost something. Consider a scaffold plank, new ones are around £5 per metre and used ones are about £4 per metre. But you can use every millimetre of a new one. It will not be split or have bits cut out of it, have unspeakable things on it or embedded in it and it will be a standard length which allows you to optimise utilisation in a design and reduces waste. It also tends not to have screws and nails and stones in it which surprise you by breaking your tools even though the metal detector said there was nothing there. So the £1 saved is more than offset by the extra work that is required to bring all that wonderful patina and history to the forefront so that it can be enjoyed. The one way it is cheaper; it doesn’t cost the earth. Making something out of it means it does not go into landfill where it would generate methane (twenty times as powerful a greenhouse gas as CO2 and turns into it eventually) and ultimately CO2. All the off-cuts end up on my log burner where at least they skip the methane stage and stop me from needing to burn more gas.

Can I supply you with wood to use in a custom design?

‘Yes please’ is the simple answer. We can use virgin wood e.g. from your tree (See our your tree service) or we can design and make pieces that incorporate wood you have found or even reclaimed from existing furniture or construction. Send us some photos and let us know what you are trying to achieve so that we can discuss some options.

Can you modify an existing piece of furniture?

Happy to. I am all in favour of extending the life of the stuff around us. If we can keep it going by retaining the best bits in a new piece or modifying it to fit in a new environment, that’s great. Send us some photos and let us know what you are trying to achieve so that we can discuss some options.


Sometimes we like to cast penguins into our furniture just for the sheer aesthetic appeal. You read this far? Wow! Really didn’t think that would happen. We don’t abuse penguins, honest.