Meet the Team

Head of wellbeing, Daisy

Milling Beech

We are a small company. No, smaller than that, really, really small. My name is Richard and I set up the enterprise after a career in construction and industrial design management that saw me move ever further away from what I really enjoy, designing and making things.

Like any small business I get some great titles I am the Head of Design, Production, Marketing, IT, Finance, and Sales also, Photographer, Web Designer and Developer, Cleaner and Tea Maker.

I am ably assisted by three essential team members. My wife, Sam: Counsellor, Proof Reader, Landy Loader and Economic Conscience. My son, Eddie: Load Lugger, Youth Perspective Provider, IT Support and Social Media Observer. Last but not least, Workshop Companion, Stick Finder in Chief and Head of Well-being, Daisy.

The Co. of Colwill and Co.  also refers to the companies we work with. I am really keen to ensure that we establish fair trading relationships with our business partners particularly those that supply us with wood. I am particularly proud of our ongoing association with Chiltern Wood Recycling and Forest2Furniture. Our objective as a Social Enterprise is to positively impact the tree population in the UK and as such we are actively seeking a tree planting partner. If you feel your organisation could be that partner do please contact us.