Dining Table – The Appennini


The Appennini Dining Table uses an industrial look galvanised steel frame in a trestle style with diagonal bracing that works brilliantly with benches or chairs and is ideal for longer tables. It rests on four plastic feet to protect your floor which can easily be adjusted to accommodate a floor that is less than perfectly level.

The design is completely customisable, you can have the exact size you like and choose from a range of table tops, chunky reclaimed construction timber through to beautiful live edge hardwood boards.  The options are described below but if you want a variation all your own just contact us.

The Appennini can be anything from an industrial style desk to the centre of a banqueting suite fit for a modern day Viking.

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Our Appennini Industrial Steel Dining Table is completely customisable. We have a default height of 745mm to the top of the table (and we can change that if you wish). Otherwise it is completely bespoke. If there is an option we have not thought of, get in touch and we will be happy to provide a quote as unique as your idea. .

The Width

We offer three standard widths. Cosy (760mm) gives enough room for two people sitting opposite each other with more than enough leg room.  Ideal for serving ‘restaurant style’.

Regular (900mm) tends to be the width most manufacturers go for.  There is some room for centre plates as long as they are not too large.

Feasting (1200mm) gives plenty of room for big platters down the middle of the table along with as many wine and water glasses as you can throw at your lavish feast. Ideal for big family dining.

Of course you can have any width you wish. Just pick the size your exact dimension fits within and then let us know at the checkout. Remember if you are going for a waney edge table, there will be some variation in width along the table. We try to go for an average around the nominal figure but if you have a maximum or minimum width or both, just let us know.

The Length

You can choose from one of our standard lengths or specify your own. Just choose a size above the one you require and let us know the exact length at the checkout. Because the main pillars are set well in from the edge of the table you can use the whole length of the table. The Appennini is especially suited to very long tables. In this instance we would bring the legs further in toward the centre of the table and provide another brace toward the ends of the table. If you would like a quote for a table longer than the 2390mm, just get in touch.

The Table Top

All of our table tops are finished in a satin hardwax (but you can have gloss if you prefer).  This is beer, coke and water resistant.  It also deals fairly well with hot cups but you should use coasters and mats under hot plates and dishes. It wipes clean and is pretty resistant to scratching.  It doesn’t like furniture polish though.  If you want to use the table outdoors, let us know and we can use a UV protective outdoor finish. We recommend that this is replenished on an annual basis.

Reclaimed Plywood

We use 24mm hardwood plywood reclaimed from construction sites.  Great for the environment and means that you get a piece of wood that has a great patina.  We make sure it is a great, functional desk or table top by ensuring any significant dents or holes are filled and the surface is sanded to a beautiful soft finish before the edge is rounded over and filled.  The surface can sometimes be slightly rippled but not to the extent that you will have wobbly plates or nodding wine glasses.  There may also be some reinforcing braces on longer tables.

Light Reclaimed Timber

Our light reclaimed timber tops are made from softwood and are between 15-25mm depending upon application and what gems we have unearthed.  These tops are generally bonded using a continuous tongue and groove to keep them flat, allow smaller sections to be used and create an aesthetically appealing surface.  They tend not to have quite as much character as our heavy table tops but we do make sure they are interesting. They are also ideal as desktops as they have a more uniform surface than the plywood.  This is the ideal option if you are going to relocate the table frequently as it is the lightest of the table tops. Longer Tops may also include some longitudinal bracing

Heavy Reclaimed Timber

Our heavy reclaimed timber tops are very substantial, coming in at between 25 and 50mm thick.  They are generally softwood and come from the construction and transport industries.  We aim to retain as much of the character that the wood has developed in its former life as possible. Large voids are filled with glass clear epoxy resin to give an excellent flat surface whilst providing a window to the underlying surface (as shown in the gallery).

Waney or Live Edge Timber

The waney or live edge of the timber is preserved on the outer boards of these table tops to produce a truly unique piece of furniture.  Most tables will use three boards between 25 and 50mm thick.  Each board runs the entire length of the table.  Large voids are generally filled with glass clear resin or if they are somewhere unobtrusive and the surrounding wood is strong enough, they can be left open. Wide boards, particularly those from near the centre of the tree can be prone to splitting.  If we believe this is a possibility we insert butterfly joints to prevent the split from spreading, either in a contrasting hardwood such as reclaimed Iroko (as in the picture gallery) or an off-cut from the same board.  Being Chilterns based, our favoured timber is, perhaps unsurprisingly, Beech but we generally have stocks of Oak, Sweet Chestnut, and Sycamore.  Once you have placed your order we will be in touch to provide you with options for your table but do contact us in advance if you have something specific in mind.  Our Waney edge tables sometimes take a little longer to produce than our normal ten working day turn around, but we will agree a completion date with you when you place your order.  Contact us in advance if you want to check possible completion dates for your specific requirements.