Bottle Opener


The world famous stick with a nail in it bottle opener. The ultimate in design simplification that meets all your bottle opening needs.



A hardwood handle formed from a limb of felled or fallen hardwood with a galvanised nail inserted in one end and a vegetable tanned leather thong for hanging, threaded in the other. Hand sanded and oiled with olive oil. Yup, it’s a stick with a nail in it but it is so much more than that. It’s a tactile bottle opening experience. These are very popular as promotional and ushers gifts, please contact us if you would like a price for a larger order.

We were particularly pleased to have them not so much endorsed as mentioned in passing on Elis James’ and John Robins’ Radio X podcast. More details here.

Each one comes with details of the type of wood it was made from and the area from which it was sourced.

The opener you receive will be selected at random from the stock to hand. This means it could be made from beech, rhododendron, oak, maple, hornbeam, holly, birch or any other of the dozens of local wood species and the shape will be pretty random (because trees are). Some have or may develop cracks or shakes in them where they have dried but we think they all have charm and they will all do their job perfectly.

You can watch one being made too!