Walnut & Copper Coffee Table / Occasional Tables – The Three Oneths


Three unique pieces of furniture, the three occasional tables can be combined to form a single coffee or occasional table. The tables tops are formed from a single piece of solid walnut and are set on handmade, solder jointed, copper legs.


Three Oneths? Well yes, because it is a coffee table and it is three occasional or side tables. Which, whilst they are each a third of the coffee table are a complete thing in themselves, an item, a one or oneth. And there are three of them.

The table (or tables, you see it’s confusing already) is (or are) made from a single stave of hardwood bought from our good friends at Chiltern Wood Recycling. In turn they got it from the receivers of a local furniture maker who had gone out of business. As is often the case with staves from the centre of the tree, there is a shake at one end, which has been stabilised by inserting two butterfly joints. The sides have been left with their waney edges intact to retain their unique shape. The whole piece has been finished by hand from the sawn plank, first with hand planes, then scrapers and finally with very fine glass paper before being finished with a hard wax which is resistant to water and alcohol.

The legs are made from copper tubing joined with traditional soldered end feed copper unions (not glued, like some). Different stretcher arrangements are used so as to place the legs right in the corners of the table rather than in a compromised rectangular pattern. The copper legs are set into galvanised ductile iron sockets usually used for mounting hand rails, which are fixed in turn to the underside of the table with brass screws. After joining, the legs were cleaned up with emery cloth and then fine steel wool and left for a couple of weeks to allow them to dull a little before being finished with a matte lacquer to ensure that they keep their current finish.

With irregularly shaped pieces like this it is hard to give exact measurements so please consider the following to be approximate. The coffee table is 1380mm long x 380mm wide. The occasional tables are 340mm wide and 470mm, 510mm and 460mm long. All four tables are 445mm high.