Scaffold Board and Steel Bed Frame – The Lomond


Simple, strong and beautiful. The Lomond bed frame combines a tough 42mm diameter galvanised tubular steel frame with a reclaimed scaffold board head board. It is available in any size and is fully customisable to suit you.

For the ultimate in luxury, the Lomond is also available as a four poster.

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The Lomond is ideal where space is an issue. With no side boards there is plenty of space under the bed for storage and the bed is no wider than the mattress. The simple tubular sides also give it a less bulky look than a traditional side board.

The low toe board means that taller occupants can spread out without coming up against a restriction. The head board is made from reclaimed scaffold boards. These are jointed, sanded and wax finished by hand. We work hard to ensure that the boards are smooth and tactile whilst retaining as much of their character as possible, leaving them to tell the tale of their previous life.

Each bed is hand made (not just hand finished) to order. This means that we can happily adjust the size to precisely fit your mattress. Just order the closest size and let us know the precise measurements. There is no extra charge. There is more info on mattress sizing on our FAQ page.

You can change more than just the mattress size. If you want the mattress higher or lower to accommodate under bed storage, the head board to fit under a sloping ceiling, anything. Just let us know.

For the ultimate in luxury why not upgrade to the four-poster frame. This comes in at 2.0m in height (though of course we can customise this) and provides an unparalleled sense of drama and occasion, just add some drapery for that final touch.

Our complete bed frames are just that. Designs that we have perfected and you can order with just a couple of clicks. That is not to say that every item will be the same. The use of reclaimed materials still means that every item will have its own unique character.

Bed frames have a number of advantages over bed bases. They allow your mattress to breathe more easily, extending its life and preventing the build up of allergens in the mattress. They also allow dust and other allergens to pass through them rather than building up within them.

Our bed frames are built to last. The 42mm steel tubing used in our frames is used for safety railing on North Sea oil rigs. 38mm thick scaffold boards are designed to support the loads of builders, their supplies and equipment. The slats are 20mm thick and 94mm wide, sustainably sourced redwood about 30% wider and closer set than used by most mass manufacturers and we don’t hesitate to discard any that we think may not last a life time. A number of our customers have bought our beds for teenagers having been tired of having to keep replacing mass-produced ones. We have never had to replace a bed or any part of it due to faulty design, parts or labour.

Our beds are easy to assemble, most need only four grub screws to be tightened and the slats laid in place. No special tools are required and they disassemble just as easily if you need to move them.

If you need the bed for a particular date, contact us and we will let you know whether we can commit to that date before you order.

Please note that this item is made to order. (see our FAQs for our delivery times and returns policy.)