Floating Bed Side Table


A rugged bed side table that attaches to our, oh so rugged, steel frame beds and compliments them beautifully.


The frames of our beds are so sturdy it seemed a shame not to use them for something more. These tables attach to the frame and are made from the same rugged 42mm galvanised tubing (or matched to your bed choice) and reclaimed scaffold boards to complement the bed perfectly. The only difference is that we use a Danish Oil finish to provide a more water (or tea and coffee) resistant surface for the table.

The floating table has a minimalist look¬†ideal if you don’t tend to have too much in the way of cables to manage.

The standard size is 420mm x 420mm but we can customise this to your needs. Just let us know your preference. The standard height is 400mm but again this is easily modified to suit your preference.

The floating table is compatible with Como, Lomond and Lochnaggar bed frames.

Please note that this item is made to order. (see our FAQs for our delivery times and returns policy.)

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