Utility or Hobby Workbench


A tough and solid jointed scaffold board work top is planed and filled to give a great solid work surface. this is then finished with three coats of hard wax including one with our own colour blend to give a great weathered look. The hard wax results in a durable water resistant surface.

The top is then set on a 34mm diameter galvanised steel tube frame that allows each leg’s height to be set to ensure that the bench is completely stable even if the floor is not perfect.

To protect the floor, plastic stoppers are fitted to the ends of the legs whilst, rubber bumpers are provided to protect any wall it may be set against and to prevent any cables to the rear of the bench from being pinched.

It is ideal for hobby work, in your utility room as handy extra work space or as an occasional desk.

The workbench size and design is completely customisable. We can even produce a full engineering bench in oh so solid 42mm tubing with machine decking. Just get in touch with your specification for a custom quote.

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The featured bench is 1500mm wide, 860mm high and 450mm deep including the bumpers (440m without)