RT- The Reading Table

Handmade bespoke furniture from you own tree

From tree to plank to stave to the finished piece

The Reading Table was one of our Your Tree projects. Our client had to fell a large Cedar Atlantica at their long time family home as it had become dangerous and wanted to use the timber to make a piece of furniture to mark their husband’s birthday. As a keen reader it was agreed that an occasional table with an integral book shelf would be ideal. Unfortunately the tree had already been felled a couple of years previously and had not been felled or stored ideally for our purposes. However we were able come up with a design to overcome this and to plank and season sufficient wood for our needs. The photo above shows the process from log to plank to stave to block and the final constructed piece.

We chose a blockwork construction for the table due to concerns around the length and size of staves that could be produced from the available wood and the potential for movement due to less than ideal seasoning.

A tapered leg treatment was developed that gives a mid-century feel to the aesthetic and ensures that the piece does not look too bulky. This is also aided by leaving the book shelf as slats rather than as a solid shelf.

The unique nature of the piece, derived from the source of the wood is emphasised by using the natural waney edge as the ends of the table and the last slats of the shelf.

P1010607Finally the piece was finished with a clear wax that lets the complex beauty of each stave shine through.

If you would like to discuss commissioning a bespoke piece of furniture using your own tree or wood (and other materials) that we can source, please contact us.

We were immensely proud to receive this testimonial from our client:

“My husband was absolutely delighted with the side table. It made his birthday. Every time we look at it, we hear the children’s whoops of delight the very first time we arrived at the house and they laid eyes on the cedar. For so many years it put up with children scaling its branches, building dens and playing ships. A friend indeed. Thank you especially for choosing the pieces of wood so carefully to find such rich colours and such pleasing whorls and waves. You seem to have captured its essence. The tree was magnificent; who could have known it was as beautiful on the inside as it was on the outside?”