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Do We Need an ‘In The Media’ Page? – Part 2

Following our media debut on the Ellis and John show on Radio X when our products were very favourably compared to a prison weapon, we have been at it again. This time we have been commended by former Labour Party Leader and all round good chap Ed Milliband and leader of the Geoffocracy, Geoff Lloyd on our becoming a Social Enterprise and our recent switch to Green Energy. Basically, they just read out my e-mail but it is still good. Their Reasons to be Cheerful […]

We’re going #Socent

Colwill and Co has always had a green purpose. We have always wanted to make sure that we used materials that are recycled and recyclable or which cause the least environmental impact in their production. And it has never really been about the money, nobody who is a maker really is, otherwise they would do something else. It has been about making furniture that is stylish, practical, respects the environment and offers great value. So most of our products are made using reclaimed wood or […]

Delicate Adjustments to the Website.

Actually it has been quite a major reorganisation as well as introducing some new products that I am really rather proud of. If you haven’t visited for a while, why not come and have a chufty and if you find anything not working do please let me know (though I may cry).  I have been busy too on some wonderful commissions that I am in the process of writing up, so there is more to keep you eye out for in the near future.

A Bit About Design

Having a website is a wonderful excuse for a bit of self indulgence and to drone on about my favourite subject; design. Strap in. Colwill and Co exists to make furniture and household objects that adhere to a few simple criteria. The things we make should do their job really, really well. That means that they should work well from the get go, i.e. be easy to put together by the user. They should do their job perfectly. No if’s buts or maybe’s, if a […]

Mobile Sawmilling Available to the Masses

Until recently you needed to be one of those very fortunate types that were part of our Your Tree scheme to benefit from our awesome mobile sawmilling skills. But not now. Oh no. Now you can benefit from these talents even if you want to make something from the wood yourself. Or perhaps even sell a bit? Read all about it here.

Hello darkness my old friend…

…and 404 errors and broken links and strangely rotated photos and, well who knows it is IT and therefore a law unto itself. It’s web site refresh time and anything can happen. Yup, I am having a bit of a sort out and that always leads to a little bit of chaos. So, if anything doesn’t seem to be working or you can’t find what you need just contact us and we’ll sort it out.

Can You Afford Not to Buy Custom Furniture?

The Office of National Statistics have released figures for the average cost of a square meter of residential property. As you would expect it varies dependent upon area from £777 in West Wales to a whopping £19,439 in Kensington and Chelsea with a national average of £2,395. So, how much is the floor your furniture sits on costing you? Remember you need to think about the space that surrounds it too. A King Size bed with room to walk around three sides comes in at […]

Blatant Exploitation of Gifting for Commercial Purposes

So, I made my niece a house warming present. A nice little DVD rack made from Ash and Cedar Atlantica in a ‘mainly by nature style’. Am I going to just discretely give her this gift and say no more about it. Am I hell? Look at the lovely pictures, be inspired, fall in love and order something similar for yourself. Go on it’s lovely and it will make her happy. 

No Bed, No Worries.

Say you have a bed that is perfectly okay but you don’t have a funky chunky bedhead to go with it. That is the position one of clients found himself in when refreshing his spare room. He knew he wanted one of our bed heads as he already has one of our beds in his master bedroom but, as we do, doesn’t believe in chucking out things that work.  The solution was simple, a bedhead that he can fix to the wall and push his […]

Ooh You Clever People

The nice thing about having designs that are customisable is that your customers come up with ideas that you hadn’t. This table is a hybrid of our coffee to console table design and our lightweight occasional table. It is intended to house a fridge under the right hand section and a microwave will sit on the little sub-table. The table tops are made from a reclaimed site hoarding filled to make a nice smooth surface and finished in Danish oil so that it can stand […]